zero deposit finance, plus no repayments 'til march 2020*

Purchase a tough Isuzu D-Max or MU-X this month and make no repayments 'til March 2020*

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The nitty gritty:

Zero Deposit Finance, plus make no loan repayments ‘til March 2020.

Offer is available from 1st December 2019 on new Isuzu vehicles sold and registered before 31st January 2020 and financed through Isuzu Finance (UDC Finance Limited).

This offer requires no deposit and no balloon payment, and is available on loan terms up to 60 months.

An $105 UDC establishment fee, a dealer origination  fee and a PPSR fee of $10.35 each apply.

Deferring the first 3 months of loan repayments (with repayments starting in March 2020) means that you must still repay the full amount of the loan. The total loan repayments will be spread over the remaining term of the loan. Interest is applied to the whole loan, including during the three months’ deferred repayment period.

Finance is subject to normal lending criteria and terms and conditions apply to any loan. Details of terms and conditions will be specified in the loan document. 

Details of fees and rates are available on request.